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Quality with a high feel-good factor: our awning fabrics

All of our awning fabrics are of the highest quality that you can rely on. Choosing a design can influence the level of UV protection and the atmosphere that the sun protection creates. A dark fabric provides the best UV protection and pleasant coolness on hot days. If you just want to reduce the intensity of the light, but want to keep the warm, summery feeling, then a light fabric is just right.

Quality with a high feel-good factor: our awning fabrics

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UV Protection

UV Protection – Thermal Comfort – Light Change

Our high-quality awning fabrics offer perfect protection: at least 90 percent of UV radiation is reflected or absorbed by the fabric. With dark cloths, the UV protection factor is even up to 100 percent.

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Exchange Fabrics

Create a New Patio Look in No Time With a Replacement Fabric

New outdoor furniture has been purchased and you want the awning to fit perfectly with it? Or do you simply want a new look on the terrace? This is easily done by changing the awning fabric. You can also choose from different favorite designs and changing the flounce shape is no problem. So the next beautiful days can be enjoyed under a new sun roof.