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Need a comfortable place to cool down...

Relax With A Mimosa From Acacia

Canadian Smart Awnings

Ships in 1-2 business days.
Everything included: Electric Motor with Remote Control, Wind Sensor, Acacia Smart Control & Wifi Hub.
No hidden costs!

Pricing Starting at $2,988 - Canada-Wide Delivery Included - Configure Your Awning Now

We are celebrating that we are now selling Canada-Wide!

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About Acacia

Mimosa and Bellini, the Smart Quality Awnings shipped directly to You

In today’s fast paced world, home is where you return every day to recharge and unwind. We provide quality products to enhance your living space and provide comfort, so that you can enjoy your patio and a cooler home. Whether you are entertaining with friends and family or just enjoying some solitude, stay cool, relax and enjoy your favorite refreshment.

Our Story

We put the “AWE” in Awnings

Our clients routinely say that our awnings feel like having a second living room outside. In many cases, yards are exposed to direct sunlight and become unusable for most of the day. The patio surface is so hot that you can’t walk on it without shoes, the sun’s rays pour in the windows and heat up the interior of your home and overwork your air conditioning. This makes it difficult to relax and enjoy your home and you hesitate to invite guests over.

Now, imagine you have Acacia on your side! Your awning is scheduled to extend when the sun comes out. You arrive home from a busy day and your patio is shaded, cool and ready for use. Your living room is shaded, and the air conditioning isn’t even running. You take off your shoes, change into some casual clothes and relax on the patio. The doorbell rings and it’s a surprise visit from your mom and your sister. You quickly break out the refreshments and snacks so the three of you can enjoy a visit in comfort and style. As the sun slowly goes down, your Mimosa awning quietly puts itself to bed while you and your family continue to laugh about old times.

Visit Our Shop

You can order the awning from the comfort of your home and it will be delivered directly to you to make your home even more beautiful and comfy.

The Mimosa Awning ships in 1-2 business days.

The Bellini Awning will be built for you in
2 - 3 weeks.

Pricing Starting at $2,988
Configure Your Awning Now

Our Smart Control System

Elevate Your Experience with Our Smart Controls

Every Acacia awning includes Acacia Smart Control with a Wifi hub, Voice Control and a Smartphone App to control your awning from wherever you are. But not just that, the app warns you of bad weather and will retract and protect your awning.

Smart Control has a scheduling feature so you can extend your awning when the sun comes up and protect your patio furniture, indoor furniture and artwork from sunlight and cool your house when you are away. Over time, your Acacia awning with Smart Control will pay for itself by reducing cooling costs and keeping your home comfortable.

Did You Know

Acacia Smart Control will operate appliances with the same app or the included Wifi hub, such as awnings from other manufacturers, retractable shades and screens as well as RV awnings, BBQs, smokers, meat probes, fireplaces, firepits, pellet grills, lighting, and much more.

Works Well With

Amazon Alexa

Google Home

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Enhance Your Wellness

Let the Smart Control Provide Comfort to Your Family

Your Acacia awning will enhance your entertainment capabilities, add value and style to your home, and provide comfort for you and your family for decades.
The best part is you don’t need to get up in the middle of a great conversation. The Acacia Smart Control knows the weather and when the sun is out. Smart Control will extend your awning for you or you control everything from your cozy chair, while you enjoy your down time.

Our Resources

Experience & Quality

Acacia has over 25 years of experience in awnings and we are backed by suppliers and manufacturers who have been in the industry for over 120 years.

Enjoy Our Delivery

Why Choose Acacia?

Acacia Awning Advantages at a Glance

German Quality

Engineered and designed in Germany and built in Canada. By purchasing an Acacia awning, you can be sure to have chosen a proven German quality product that has been developed for over 120 years and will last for 30 years.

Outstanding Value

The conventional awning market is slow to deliver and there is a lot of overhead. In today’s world, there are much more efficient ways to get products to you more directly. With these streamlined and optimized processes, Acacia delivers outstanding quality quickly for very competitive prices.


Special corrosion resistant coatings protect the entire aluminum system and it doesn’t make a difference if you are in the mountains or by the ocean. As the mechanical components do not require any maintenance whatsoever, you can relax from the first ray of sunshine.

Pre-Designed Ease

All products are designed with the customer in mind. Allowing for simple and easy to use operation.

Five Year Warranty

Acacia awnings are manufactured with German Technology and provide certified quality you can rely on.

DIY Installation Options

Whether it’s a frame house with siding or stucco, a brick wall, a ceiling or soffits: Acacia awnings can be fitted anywhere.

Direct Delivery

Free Shipping. No Handling Fees. Ready to ship immediately. No long waits. Have your awning before the Summer is over.

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